The trust will only be processing priority/essential payments. This includes rent or mortgage payments, utilities (including electric, gas, water, phone, cable and internet bills) and food.


At this time, The Arc Trust staff will be working remotely. We will be working “business as usual”. Our staff are available Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5pm via phone, email, text or fax. 


All tax documents were mailed on Thursday, May 21st. 

Which Trust Do I Need?

Whose Money is going into the trust?

Trust I

Family or Friends’ Money

  • Parents planning for future inheritance
  • Gift from friends or family
  • Fundraising for a specific purchase

Trust I Joinder Agreement
Trust I Fee Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions About Trust I

Trust II

Individual’s Own Money

  • Earnings from employment
  • Social Security funds
  • Lawsuit settlement
  • Unexpected inheritance or gift to individual

Trust II Joinder Agreement
Trust II Fee Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions About Trust II

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