For the December Holidays, the Arc Master Trust office will be CLOSED December 23rd-26th and December 30th– January 2nd. We will only be doing disbursements on Thursday, December 29th and Thursday, January 5th

The Arc Master Trust Team

Melissa Justice
Chief Trust Officer

Melissa Justice is the chief trust officer of The Arc of Indiana Master Trust. Prior to assuming this position in 2008, Melissa served The Arc of Indiana for twelve years as controller and later as both controller and supervisor of The Arc Master Trust.

Melissa has been involved in several projects to assist chapters of The Arc throughout the United States form their own pooled trust, as well as helping other trusts run more efficiently and effectively. She is involved in a national group of pooled special needs trust administrators who are forming an alliance to provide quality services to trust beneficiaries across the country.

Under her direction, The Arc of Indiana Master Trust has grown from 1,643 open trusts totaling over $37 million to 4,600 open trusts with over $100 million on deposit.

Assistant Trust Director

Sarah Geis joined The Arc Master Trust as the assistant trust director in January 2022. Prior to this position, Sarah worked for Autism Society of Indiana, assisting those receiving direct care services in central Indiana. Sarah meets with individuals and families who are interested in learning more about the trust, guides them through the trust enrollment process and delivers presentations throughout the state.


Trust Beneficiary Advocate

Trent Barnes joined The Arc Master Trust in April 2014. As a trained social worker, Trent assists beneficiaries who may not have anyone in their lives to help access their trust. Trent helps beneficiaries get to the store to purchase items with funds from their trust, helps address housing and benefit issues, and many other supports.

Trust Account Team

Our Trust Account Team works hard every day to ensure beneficiaries have what they want and need from their trusts in a timely and professional manner.

Senior Trust Account Manager
Trust Account Manager
Trust Account Manger
Trust Account Manager
Trust Account Manager
Trust Account Manager
Trust Assistant
Trust Administrative Assistant
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