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The Arc Master Trust Team

Melissa Justice
Chief Trust Officer

Melissa joined The Arc of Indiana in February, 1995. Prior to assuming leadership of the trust in 2008, she served as controller for The Arc of Indiana and supervisor of financial management of the trust.

Jill Ginn
Assistant Trust Director

Jill Ginn, who has served as The Arc Master Trust’s assistant director since 2014, is passionate about helping individuals, families and professionals understand the importance of financial planning by and for individuals who have means-tested benefits like SSI, Medicaid and Medicaid Waiver services. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to utilize trusts and other financial tools to enhance their life while maintaining vital benefit programs. Tapping into her background in marketing and education, as well as parenting young adults who have disabilities, Jill is frequently the initial point of contact for individuals, families and professionals contacting The Arc Master Trust to learn more as well as facilitating the trust set up process.  Jill meets by phone, video chat and in person for trust consultations and is a frequent presenter to groups of all sizes.

Trust Beneficiary Advocate

Trent Barnes, Trust Beneficiary Advocate, joined The Arc Master Trust in April 2014.  As a trained social worker, Trent assists beneficiaries who may not have anyone in their lives to help access their trust. Trent keeps busy helping beneficiaries get to the store to purchase items with funds from their trust, working to address housing and benefit issues, and many other supports.

Trust Account Team

Our Trust Account Team works hard every day to ensure beneficiaries have what they want and need from their trusts in a timely and professional manner.

Trust Operations Manager
Trust Account Manager
Trust Account Manger
Trust Account Manager
Trust Administrative Assistant
Trust Assistant