Until further notice, disbursements will only be processed on Thursdays.

The trust will only be processing priority/essential payments. This includes rent or mortgage payments, utilities (including electric, gas, water, phone, cable and internet bills) and food.

At this time, The Arc Trust staff will be working remotely. We will be working “business as usual”. Our staff are available Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5pm via phone, email, text or fax. 

The IRS has extended the deadline for tax filing and payments to July 15th. We will be sending out tax documents for the invested accounts as soon as we receive them from the bank.

Creating a Trust

Starting a trust with The Arc Master Trust is quick process.

Simply submit a completed Joinder Agreement, any required documentation, the enrollment fee, and (if funding the trust at this time) a check for the initial deposit.

Trust I Joinder Agreement
Trust II Joinder Agreement

Enrollment Process


The Arc Master Trust is committed to excellent, personalized service at an affordable price. Trusts are established with a one time-enrollment fee. An annual fee pays for trust services such as contacts with account manager, deposits, disbursements and investments.  Find information on current Trust I and Trust II fees in Documents and Resources. 


Complimentary consultations and presentations are available to any individual, family or organization wanting to know more about The Arc Master Trust.  Consultations can occur at an individual’s home or a setting in the community.  We also welcome visitors to our location in downtown Indianapolis.  Presentations typically occur at the organization’s location.  Trust staff is happy to provide training to organizations or companies ranging from small groups to larger more formal settings.

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