The Arc Master Trust


The Arc Master Trust strives for our trust to be easy to use and for beneficiaries and key people to be highly satisfied with our service. Each year we send a User Satisfaction Survey to people using our services. The survey asks about our responsiveness to requests-from the time people call and make a request to when they receive the check in the mail. This survey provides valuable feedback for us.

Following are a few of the comments we have received about our trust service.

Review our Annual Report.

“Since 2005, I have found that The Arc of Indiana Master Trust has shown constant proficiency! Thank you!” – Trust Key Person

“My experience with the staff at The Arc Trust has been exceptional. Reimbursement checks are typically received within a week. If for some reason there may be a delay, I receive a call. I have referred many families to The Arc Master Trust program and will continue to do so in the future.” – Trust Key Person

“I appreciate all your help and the Trust has been very helpful for my sister. Thank you.” – Trust Key Person

“I feel so honored to be working with you and your amazing team there at The Arc Trust. I love seeing our clients getting opportunities to go on vacations or purchasing much needed items that will enhance their lives, They are able to do these things because of The Arc Master Trust team, without this service our clients may not have these amazing opportunities. I have seen where our clients have gone on several amazing vacations, or they have purchased new furniture when they moved to a new home or they have been able to upgrade their wardrobes. I love it when they tell me all about their vacations or new furniture. The smile on their faces will forever make me happy that I am a part of your amazing organization.” – Staff person at local chapter of The Arc

“I really appreciate the quickness in getting a reimbursement check!”

“Staff is very professional, personable, friendly and helpful.”

“My experiences with The Arc over the past 15 years or so have been enjoyable and positive so I thank you all.”

“Always prompt, courteous, speedy.”

“My experiences with The Arc of Indiana Trust has been extremely positive. I’m thankful my attorney recommended it for my mother. (My trust account manager) has been very helpful, responsive and I appreciate her assistance!”

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